"The flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today."

 Our Philosophy

Our program philosophy is based on the premise that children learn about the world through play, active involvement with other children and adults.


Children need years of experience with real objects and events before they are ready to understand the meaning of symbols such as letters and numbers. Learning takes place as young children touch, manipulate and experiment with things and interact with people. The teachers’ role is to create an environment that supports the ideas and experiences of children and invites them to observe, be active, make choices and experiment. Children spontaneously engage in activities such as block building, painting, or dramatic play, adding pieces of information to what they already know and thereby generating new understandings. Children learn simple concepts, then use these concepts to grasp more complex ideas (the building blocks of learning).

Because our program is designed to maximize individual development and promote developmentally appropriate practices, our activities focus on the process of learning. Therefore, the emphasis is on the experiences of the children rather than the results of those experiences. For example, painting is more important than what has been painted; building with blocks is more important than what has been built. Each child has his or her own set of possibilities and we help those possibilities unfold. 


Days are filled with planned and spontaneous moments of learning. There is time allowed for active outdoor play, independent discovery and group activities. 


We have over an acre that is completely fenced-in, full of fun playground equipment and includes play areas designed for our specific age groups.